Monday, September 27, 2010

Hindi Song --English Translation of imran khan's - amplifier [lyrics + tanslation + mp3 + video ]

Kaaliyan Bariyaan ve gadiyaan nu main lawaan
I'll add black tinted windows to my cars
Speed main do so vee di challan
I would ride at a speed of 220
Police de saamney main nahi rukda

I don't halt in front of the police
I'm a night rider

Brakeaan maar maar tire di main cheek kadhda

Repeatedly hitting the brakes I make the tires screech
Sare loki takde ve ki ho gaya

Everybody looks this way to see what happened (i.e. they are stunned by the screeching sound)
Lagda ve enj mera dil ruk gya

Seems like my heart stopped beating
ohnu mai puchda

I ask her..
Ni gaddi sadi beh ja ni jattiye

Sit in my car hey Jatti .
Ni tour tenu le ja, ve arriye

I'll take you on a tour, you stubborn one.
Ni woofer tu meri , meri

You're my woofer , mine
Main tera amplifier , fier

(And) I'm your amplifier , fier
Gaddi meri tenu vi awaaz mardi

My car also calls you
Black leather seataan utey aa beh ni

Come and sit on the black leather seats.
Tenu main o sair karavanga ve ni , puri duniya di

I'll take you on an outing, of the whole world.
Kehndi garmi ve lagdi hai seene ni

She says, she's feeling hot around the chest (or "you say, you're feeling hot around the chest")
Pijj gayi ve kurti paseene di

The kurti is drenched in sweat (Kurti is a women's top)
 chali degrees di tup pehndi

It's so hot about 40 degrees.
On karo AC

Put on the AC
Jaandi ai club , das tere ki irade?

Would you like to go clubbing , what are your plans?
DJ nu puch ke lawavaan tere gaane

I'll ask the DJ to play your favorite songs
Le jaan main le jaan tenu jithe vi tu chaaven

I'll take you wherever you want to go
Ik wari aa ve mood bana ve

Come once and set the mood


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